Vetmo4TL Final Conference

The Vetmo4TL Final Conference will take place at the Kaufmännische Schule 1 in Stuttgart, Germany, on the 26th of March 2020.

This conference will be organised in the framework of the annual NETINVET forum. NETINVET is a European network which is composed of over 100 VET schools and centres from 13 countries. It aims to facilitate mobility in the sectors of International Trade, Transport & Logistics and Industrial Vehicle Maintenance and to guarantee its quality. The results of the Vetmo4TL project will be integrated into the NETINVET network and made available to all its members.

The Vetmo4TL partners will present the project during the plenary session to around 150 participants and organise a specific workshop on recognised mobility at EQF level 4 in Transport and Logistics aiming to train Netinvet members in the use of the project’s resources and tools. In addition, partners will hold an information stand to inform interested participants about the project.

Download the provisional conference programme here.


Download Vetmo4TL project leaflet (in Finnish).



Download First Vetmo4TL project newsletter (in Finnish).

Download Second Vetmo4TL project newsletter (in Finnish).

Download Third Vetmo4TL project newsletter (in Finnish).